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Beoplay 中国官网散热胶带ST-TDT系列

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1.产品概要Product profile

单面胶形式,散热性能优秀,薄膜形式,粘着力优秀。将手机电池中产生的热量散发出去(导热分散用)。One- side adhesive tape, with excellent heat dissipation performance, film form, excellent bonding .emitting the heat in the mobile phone battery _(thermal conductive&spread application).

2. 典型产品结构Typical product structure

黑色绝缘层black insulation PET薄膜film导热胶黏剂thermal conductive铜箱copper foil 35 m m

导热胶黏剂thermal conductive离型层release liner

4. 适用范围 Application


-NOTE PC, Computer
-Large Displays

-Mobile phone

5. 包装事项Packing

规格DIM 500mmx1 00m


Note: product structure, material composition, thickness and specifications can be customized

according to customer requirements.

散热胶带ST-TDT系列联系电话:186-6124-5847 许先生