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Beoplay 中国官网热界面胶带ST-TIM系列

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1. 产品概要 Product profile



This product offer a efficient heat conductive channel between electron device and heat sink and good bonding properties which can fasten heat element and heat dissipation elements together, which can improve heat spread effect as a whole and unnecessary to fasten by mechanical fixation and liquid adhesive

2. 典型产品结构 Typical product structure

离型层release liner导热胶粘剂thermal adhensive

热界面胶黏剂Thermal interface adhensive

热介层(Cu/AI/玻纤布)Thermal dielectric layer (Cu/AI/ glass fiber cloth)

热界面胶黏剂Thermal interface adhensive

导热胶粘剂thermal adhensive

典型物性表Typical specification

试验项目(Test items )

测试方法(Test method)


厚度Thickness ( m m)

基材Base material

粘着力Adhesive force


Thermal conductivity coefficient (verticality)

ASTM D 3652

ASTM D 3330

ASTM D 5470

150±5% ( nm)玻纤布Rip stop Avg. 1.15 (gf/25mm)

800 W/mK

4. 适用范围 Application



-High-power LED lighting aluminum plate,

-CPU, south Bridge or video memory chip, RAM chip, hard disk
—MOS tubes, high-power transistors

-The back -lit module ,TV assembling flexibility heating sheets,

FPCB, etc

5. 包装事项Packing

规格DIM 500mmx1 00m


Note: product structure, material composition, thickness and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

热界面胶带ST-TIM系列联系电话:186-6124-5847 许先生